Viennese Legacy (Vol. 1) – Haydn, Beethoven – Quatuor Rosamonde



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The new album of the Rosamonde Quartet, featuring the classics of Haydn and Beethoven.

Haydn may not have been the author of the very first string quartet in history, but he created the so-called Viennese model of this kind which quickly established itself throughout Europe and served as a cornerstone for all those who, until today, have composed for this instrumental formation.

In the history of this Viennese lineage, Beethoven plays a very special role since he was a pupil of Haydn. However, if he received from the hands of the one who was called at the time “Papa Haydn” 1st torch of the quartet, he made it shine in such a personal way, made it evolve so radically and the door so high that with him we witness a second birth of the kind. The disc of the Rosamonde Quartet judiciously combines one of Haydn’s last Quartets Opus74 No. 3, his 59th, dating from 1792-1793 and Beethoven’s Opus 18 No. 1, which is in fact the second he composed.

This album is the first album by Viennese Legacy. Indeed, the album Viennese Legacy || will feature works by Schubert, Berg and Webern and will also be recorded at the Auditorium de Vincennes at the end of 2023.

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